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Art studio in progress!!

I finally started my art studio (with a lot of help from my dad), and I'm SO EXCITED!!

I've never had a dedicated space for creating, it's been a dream of mine for years and is finally happening. I've had a loft in my apartment for ages without a floor, a few weeks ago the thought of making it my own little art space instantly had me hyper focused with no room for nagotiation lol

Today the flooring was finally put in and now it's on to painting and decorating! My goal is to make this a little safe space for my brain to let go and create an potentially get back to streaming my creative process someday. I've been scouring everywhere for just what I want for the mood an vibe of the space, it's not a big space but it'll be special nonetheless.

Tomorrow starts my hunt for rugs so its cozy and I don't get sprinters on the wood hah. I'm hoping to find some super funky ones, wish me luck! I'm not sure what I'll do about the walls...maybe some artwork, tapestries, and wall decorations of varying types.

The rest of today's plans are spewing in the rest of the boards and finding the rest of the paint needed for my walls, wish me luck!

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