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First Blog!!


So I'm new to the whole blog thing but we'll start with an introductions to me and my goals here...

I'm Anabelle or Belle as some know me, I'm a 23 year old artist and have loved creating since I was old enough to try. Some interests I have are plants, gardening, collecting cool jars and animal skulls (acquired ethically when found in nature). I have a weakness for sweet coffee drinks and tacos.

As far as my goals for this blog? More than anything I'll use it to talk about random bs and talk about funny stories or interesting things I find/learn/etc. Basically a hodgepodge of my brain in writing...or i guess typing. You as a reader might find it boring and that's totally fine but if you enjoy, I hope i can Kee entertaining you!

Iplan to get some photos up on here soon as a portfolio so keep and eye out for that.

Eternally tired,


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