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Plant obsession

So I have a problem.

I'm obsessed with house plants...and outdoor plant/gardens but it's not quite the season for that yet. I have a mini forest in my space that is slowly taking over and I'm running out of room! The problem is I want to get some new plants and start some terreriums but I don't have any shelf space at the moment so I have ti wait :(

I've recently learned about snail terreriums or rather a snail enclosure with plants, they're so cool and they help create a proper self sustaining ecosystem within the enclosure. If I end up making one maybe I'll take progress photos and make a post. Honestly I have no idea, this is just me putting my thoughts down somewhere, so it's pretty all over the place.

A lot of my plants should be dormant right now but they are EXPLODING with new growth and it's so confusing but im not composing at all. It's such a great feeling to see new leafs on a plant you've been caring for even if half the time you're just hoping you're doing the right thing. I've been caring for indoor plants for a little under four years now and I've learning so much from trial and error...R.I.P my fallen plants, you will be remembered fondly.

Maybe I should share some of my experiences with growing house plants and some of my failures...We'll see!

Have a helluva good day


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